Letter of Recommendation: Timehop

Thanks to the The New York Times Magazine and Daniel Kolitz for putting this into words.

Timehop’s “memories” are really more like memory aids — maps to storage spaces on the outskirts of daily consciousness, haphazardly crammed with old biology partners, forgotten nicknames, the quality of light in an old basement bedroom. Often the maps are illegible: I could spend the rest of my life staring at my post of Dec. 20, 2009 (which reads, in its entirety, “tummy sticks!”), and come no closer to knowing its secrets. But when the maps work, the results can hit as hard as a song, a scent, a familiar face in a crowd.
— Daniel Kolitz, The New York Times Magazine

Check out the full piece in the July 1, 2018 print edition of the The New York Times Magazine.