Meet The Staff - Rick Webb - COO

It's time to get down to business with COO Rick Webb! He's been with Timehop since the beginning and now he oversees the company's operation as a whole, which apparently involves A LOT of numbers.

Rick's favorite thing about Timehop is how it is contained and doesn't try to keep you in front of your phone forever. He is a fan of history and digital archiving, and his favorite Timehop feature is the Dropbox connection. He may be the biggest individual user of Dropbox you'll ever meet - guess how many pictures he has on Dropbox. Go on, we'll wait (check out the video for the answer).

Rick wishes he could link Timehop with LiveJournal so that the 10 million people who used the site way back in the day could be reminded of their content. While that's not in the works for Timehop right now, we're always looking to add new features and ways to connect, so stay tuned!