Meet The Staff - Dmitry Traytel - CTO

Welcome to the first of 10 weekly videos profiling members of Team Timehop! We hope you enjoy learning about some of the people that make Timehop tick.

First up is CTO Dmitry Traytel! He keeps your favorite app's wheels turning, ensuring that all the technical aspects behind the scenes work together seamlessly. That's no small feat given that it takes about 15 services on your phone and in the cloud to bring you your memories.

Dmitry is driven by knowing that Timehop brings you more joy than anything Marie Kondo tells you to keep. He likes helping you keep track of your digital footprints and is excited to bring more features to Timehop as the number of ways to share information online grows.

Like much of Team Timehop, Dmitry's favorites outside of the office are connected to the past. His favorite movie is the baby bear of the Back to the Future trilogy - Part III - because it's just right. And his love of 90s hip-hop will always get the party going.

Check back next Monday to meet Android Engineer Jason Sznol!