Meet The Staff - Marc Santiago - Director of Programmatic Engineering

Our Director of Programmatic Engineering is very excited to meet you all! He works to keep Timehop free for all users by implementing DSPs and SSPs within Timehop’s Nimbus ad platform. This alphabet soup keeps us in constant communication with all of the potential advertisers who would like to purchase ads on Timehop.

Marc enjoys the autonomy of working at Timehop, which means he gets to wear multiple hats and grow not only as an engineer, but learn about sales and management as well. He attributes this to being able to absorb information from his peers in the tight knit team environment.

Reminiscing about the weather is Marc’s favorite use case for the Timehop app. Really Marc? The weather?

Shout out to the David Eddings estate as Marc was a huge fan as a child. He’s read Pawn of Prohecy five times throughout his life.