We get it, you’re avoiding EVERYTHING today. We’re into it. We support you. In fact, we made you this #selfcare guide to help. Or, as we like to call it, all the things you have time to do because you’re not wasting time on Valentine’s!

  1. Listen to an audiobook that is ~SO YOU~! Like A Sucky Love Story. How relatable!

  2. Light some soy candles, play some relaxing music, and draw yourself a BUHHHBULLLLL BAAATTTHHHHH.

  3. Get your astrology chart read!

  4. Finally take the time to understand blockchain.

  5. Hide every photo of an ex in your Timehop. Watch those garbage people fade from your headspace.

  6. Figure out if you’ve ever owned an object that “sparked joy” then go find that object and hold it for a while.

  7. Just stop doubting your greatness and start living an awesome life. (Now available on audible :winkwink:)

  8. Meal prep!

  9. If cooking isn’t your thing, did you know most food delivery websites have an order ahead feature? Why not pick a random date to send future you a lil something special? (Chicken fingers...)

  10. Replace everything in your house with a healing crystal.

  11. Get *heavy* into Ariana Grande mythology

  12. Seriously consider a Thank U, Next tattoo

  13. Tell yourself that’s enough Ariana for now…

  14. Do the math again to see if you’re a millennial.

  15. Take up meditation, everyone’s doing it, and it only takes 21 days! (Also available on audible!)

  16. Start a body positive insta.

  17. Binge a new show! Something that isn’t a superhero FOR ONCE.

  18. Watch your favorite ASMR videos. Ours is pickles.

  19. Play Oregon Trail and see which one of your friends gets dysentery first!

  20. Find a room with 99 people in it who believe in you.

  21. Play your favorite love songs but imagine you’re singing them to yourself

  22. Check up on that hashtag you tried to trend a few years ago #humanburritochallenge

  23. If you’re in need of a pick-me-up, up your skincare ante with a tri-layer facemask. First layer is a hydrating mask, second is a clay mask, all sealed tight with a sheet mask. Leave on until fully dry (2-3 days) then chip off. You’ll live forever! Probably!

  24. Take a selfie. You look great today! You know what, take 20 selfies!

  25. DON’T POST ANY OF THOSE SELFIES. They are only for you.

  26. Floss!

  27. Start (and finish!) a 7 minute workout video!

  28. Listen to a perfectly themed playlist and contemplate what life is all about and what you’re gonna have for dessert.

  29. Order yourself one of these…

  30. Learn the lyrics to every one of these anti-love songs

  31. Join a cheese of the month club and act surprised every month when you get more cheese!

  32. Plot your eventual comeback, like Lindsay Lohan, just in case you need it.

  33. Make a Then & Now and rub your glow up in everyone’s face!

  34. Fall in love for real...with sourdough. (And with Brad).

So take a deep breath. Take a nap. Take some time for YOU. And don’t forget, If you can't love yourself how in the heck are you gonna love somebody else?